Stars of TX Magazine Austin, TX

Beaumont native Thomas Champagne may be best know as the lead vocalist and bass man for a funk rock triocalled Audioflava based out of Austin. But, songs all begin somewhere and with chief songwriting duties for the band that means the beginnings all come from Thomas sitting with acoustic guitar in hand. He began his musical career with another funk rock band by the name of 4D2 out of College Station while attending school there. After a couple years on the road he decided to ease on back to his Beaumont roots and back to the roots of music with a band called Folsom Creek that blended bluegrass roots with roots rock. Shortly there after Thomas began paying more attention to his own words and chords and put together the Audioflava project that he now has parlayed into a successful trio roaming Texas from east to the west and all parts in between. They have a live album out now and a full blown studio release out in the spring.

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